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MrCall goes to the Gym

At MrCall, we’re not just here to sip cold brew coffee (although that is a perk of the job). We’re problem solvers, and we’ll chat with you over coffee to make sure our solution fits your needs. Just ask Alessio Rinelli, owner of Reverbia Personal Trainer Milan..

Reverbia is a growing business with six centers in Milan. The trainers and clients stay connected through smartphones, but sometimes calls go unanswered, leaving potential customers hanging. And that’s not cool.

But fear not! We’ve got a clever trick up our sleeves. The phones in all six centers have a “conditional” call forwarding to the same MrCall assistant. If no one picks up, the call goes straight to us.

We’ve also got an online call log that tracks every call, even the missed ones. The caller can leave a message and wait on the line to speak with an operator. If they’re just canceling a reservation, they’ll say their piece and hang up. But if they’re a potential customer, they’ll give us their name and wait to talk to an operator.

The operator jots down what happened in the call log, so we can keep track of every lead. And just like that, missed calls turn into leads, which can turn into new customers. We call that a win-win.

MrCall loves restaurants

Ah, restaurants! They may only account for a mere 10% of our MrCall users, but they’re a vital sector to us nonetheless. After all, without them, where would we stuff our mouth with delicious food?

Our close collaborator, the Carbonara reservation system, can attest to our dedication to the HoReCa sector. And as if that weren’t enough, we even have some first-hand experience dealing with the trials and tribulations of restaurant operators. We’ve seen the long hours, the finicky customers, and the stress that comes with it all.

So we’ve gone ahead and studied how different restaurants make use of MrCall. Yes, you heard that right—we actually did some research. And what did we find, you ask? Well, keep reading and you shall see.

MrCall “reservation clerk”

In 50% of the restaurants under our umbrella, this life-changing assistant is nothing short of a real person answering the phone to take reservations. Brace yourselves for this highly complex, multi-step process:

Firstly, the caller will be greeted by MrCall’s soothing voice and given the option to either leave a message or confirm their booking. Should they choose the latter, MrCall will diligently take note of all the important details such as date, time and the number of people attending.

Next, MrCall will notify the restaurant through a variety of high-tech channels, such as the MrCall app (available on Android or iOS for free!), email (also free!) or if you’re feeling fancy, WhatsApp (for only €3.66 per month).

But wait, there’s more! For a small additional fee of €4.88 per month, MrCall can even send a WhatsApp message to the caller with the booking details, kindly reminding them that the booking is not yet confirmed.

Finally, the ball is back in the restaurant’s court to either call the customer back or send a pre-compiled message (that’s right, they don’t even have to type out the confirmation message themselves!) via the email/app notification. So easy, a caveman could do it!

Thank you, MrCall, for revolutionising the way we make restaurant reservations.

MrCall, the Lead Generator

Ah, the joys of missed calls – we’ve all been there. But fear not, dear restaurateurs! Enter MrCall, your trusty sidekick for lead generation. No longer shall those precious contacts be lost in the abyss of unanswered phone calls.

With MrCall, customers can leave a message to be relayed to the restaurant, along with a friendly reminder that reservations are preferred on the website. And for those technologically-challenged customers (shoutout to the 80-year-old lady who still calls to book a table), MrCall’s got your back – they’ll transcribe and send everything to the restaurant on your behalf.

And the best part? MrCall sends notifications to the restaurant via app, email, and Whatsapp, ensuring not a single lead slips through the cracks. And as the cherry on top, they even send the customer a Whatsapp with all the necessary instructions on how to make that coveted reservation.

So sit back, relax, and let MrCall do the heavy lifting for you. After all, why waste time and energy answering calls when you could be cooking up a storm in the kitchen?

MrCall, the Call Center Operator”

Ah, the remaining users of MrCall—those restaurant chains and customer service-centric eateries. They’re quite fancy, really. They have their own person just for answering the phone! How quaint.

MrCall, always the polite one, offers a warm welcome message asking for the caller’s name and reason for ringing up. During the receptionist’s shifts, MrCall even kindly gives a heads up that the call is about to be passed along to an actual human being. Fancy, fancy.

And of course, the call is added to a log file—who doesn’t love a good spreadsheet? The receptionist can mark down the outcome of the conversation and others can check in on it.

Now, when it comes to outside of working hours, MrCall doesn’t just sit there twiddling his virtual thumbs. No, no. He interacts with the caller like the polite AI he (or she) is and sends out notifications and WhatsApp messages as usual. Eventually, he’ll mark everything down in the call log for future reference. All in a day’s work for MrCall.


Hot off the press: MrCall is expanding its linguistic horizons with English and Spanish! Claro que  sí compañer@, you read that right!

MrCall, the non-stop phone answering machine, is always at your service, whether you’re too busy or too important to take the call yourself.

Need a helping hand with your business hours? MrCall can greet your callers with a cheery “open for business” or a stoic “closed for the day”. And if your caller is curious about the time, MrCall can whip out their Google My Business skills and report it back in a jiffy.

With their super-sleuthing capabilities, MrCall can tell if you’re a fresh newbie or a seasoned regular, and dish out the appropriate deets.

And if you’re feeling like old-school texting, don’t worry, MrCall’s got your back! It will shoot your caller an SMS

MrCall and VoIP Switchboards

Many companies contact us because they want to use a VoIP PBX, and they are right! At the moment MrCall does not offer VoIP PBXs, but it can be integrated without problems with third-party PBXs.

If you are a company with more than 2-3 people, or even if you are alone, our advice is not to use your mobile phone for work, but to activate one of the many cloud switchboards available, for example 3CX.

With a switchboard at your disposal, plus MrCall, here’s what you can do:

  1. Give your employees a VoIP app. 3CX has their own, while with others you can use Zoiper, which is free.
  2. With the VoIP app, your employees receive calls on an extension of your line, and not on their personal phone number
  3. MrCall can however act as a “first line assistant”: it always answers, asks the reason for the call and records all the information in a file like this. This way you keep track of who is calling and why
  4. After taking the information, MrCall routes the call as you want. That is
    • if you like, it will not forward to anyone during certain hours (i.e. closing hours) but instead just interact and say goodbye
    • send back to the PBX which will try to probe the availability of the various operators in cascade
  5. MrCall can also simply answer only when no one answers, i.e. act as an emergency assistant who takes charge of the call and then sends notifications with the transcript to whoever you want
  6. In addition, MrCall can send the call data to any system that provides APIs (if you have a CRM: for example all calls can create a deal on Pipedrive)
  7. Dulcis in fundo, you can send personalised messages to those who call you via SMS or Whatsapp

PS We’ll let you in on a secret: MrCall is also a PBX. If you call your assistant’s number, the call goes to one of our switchboards (heavily customised with the help of our partner Centralix) which transforms the call, a 120-year-old technology, into an IP audio stream, where IP stands for Internet Protocol, a technology born 50 years ago but, we can say, still quite in vogue 🙂