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MrCall goes to the Gym

At MrCall, we’re not just here to sip cold brew coffee (although that is a perk of the job). We’re problem solvers, and we’ll chat with you over coffee to make sure our solution fits your needs. Just ask Alessio Rinelli, owner of Reverbia Personal Trainer Milan..

Reverbia is a growing business with six centers in Milan. The trainers and clients stay connected through smartphones, but sometimes calls go unanswered, leaving potential customers hanging. And that’s not cool.

But fear not! We’ve got a clever trick up our sleeves. The phones in all six centers have a “conditional” call forwarding to the same MrCall assistant. If no one picks up, the call goes straight to us.

We’ve also got an online call log that tracks every call, even the missed ones. The caller can leave a message and wait on the line to speak with an operator. If they’re just canceling a reservation, they’ll say their piece and hang up. But if they’re a potential customer, they’ll give us their name and wait to talk to an operator.

The operator jots down what happened in the call log, so we can keep track of every lead. And just like that, missed calls turn into leads, which can turn into new customers. We call that a win-win.