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The automatic responder that listens, answers, and transcribes like an operator.

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What is MrCall?

An assistant… for €15 a month?

MrCall is a digital assistant animated by the best Artificial Intelligence. It helps you to intelligently manage your customers’ calls, send them Whatsapp or SMS messages, and prepare daily reports.

Imagine Alexa or Siri answering the phone for you. With MrCall you can have the same level of technology at your service.

It does not require any additional software and is also available via App.

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MrCall takes a reservation

MrCall answers a customer's call

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The right Digital Assistant for you

Micro businesses

MrCall allows you to manage all your customers’ calls without being interrupted continuously, and you don’t miss any requests. Receive the notification on the app where you can manage the phone calls to be processed. You can send notifications to your customers via SMS or Whatsapp.

Firms and Practices

With MrCall it’s like hiring a new resource entirely dedicated to answering your customers’ calls, able to handle their first needs. MrCall can always answer and forward only urgent calls, and intelligently responds to your customers’ requests.


MrCall integrates with Google Business and alignes with your working time and address. It understands if who is calling, wants a takeaway or a reservation and responds accordingly. It sends notifications via Whatsapp or SMS, facilitating the follow-up of each request. Upon request, it offers a customized integrations with your systems.


Do you have a business that requires contact with thousands of individuals, such as a hotel or property management firm? Do you already have a VOIP PBX?

MrCall can be integrated with your VOIP and provides further assistance, sending you the transcripts of every call you missed, even in  App. It knows if you are open or closed, who to forward calls, what type of notifications to send and to whom.


Did it happen to you too?

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Do you have a large call flow? Do you want to connect MrCall to your VOIP PBX?

Handle up to 300 calls per month.  Business features all inlcuded 

  • VoIP account (in addition to the number) connected to your PBX
  • Support for connection to VOIP PBX
  • Personalization of all answers, from urgency to booking intents
  • Additional managed calls from 5.5 eurocent per call
  • Google Docs Log included

25 per month (-15% annually)

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An digital assistant who takes the data of the caller, answers their questions, collects the information and sends you everything transcribed

Handle up to 100 calls per month. Private features all included 

  • Personalization of all messages, different for opening or closing hours
  • Sync with your Google Business account and Calendar
  • Sending personalized Whatsapp / SMS to customers
  • Artificial Intelligence: understanding what customers say and automatic management of requests
  • Artificial Intelligence: management of booking requests
  • Call forwarding after having managed the call
  • Logs of your calls on Google Doc
  • Sync with your systems via configurable Web-hook

15 per month (-15% yearly)

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Do you want to impress who calls you  answering with an assistant based on Artificial Intelligence?

With Private you have up to 15 calls per month managed by MrCall

  • A phone number dedicated to your assistant
  • It responds with customized messages
  • It asks for the caller’s name and associates it with the phone number
  • It can notify you of new calls via email, whatsapp or app
  • It recognizes your contacts by name
  • It sends you the transcription and audio of the messages

5 per month

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Do you get lots of calls?

No problem, MrCall can handle an unlimited number of calls, even simultaneously. And if you need more calls per month than the ones included in your subscription package, once your assistant is set up, you can request them at any time.

Do you want to promote your Brand?

MrCall can send the person who called you a Whatsapp message (via or a personalized SMS with the name of your business to make you recognized.

Join the hundreds of companies that are using MrCall, the service that has revolutionized the relationship with their customers!

Based on 16 reviews
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Raimondo ZambutoRaimondo Zambuto
11:59 24 Oct 22
Excellent service. Finally a secretariat beyond all standards. Customizable according to your needs and of great support. Passed with full marks
Attilio GiannattasioAttilio Giannattasio
08:56 24 Oct 22
Finally the help I was looking for for my answering machine! Reduced distractions from incoming calls to zero (when I can't answer). Once you have tried Mr. Call, I assure you that you will hire him !!! :)
Lucia SimonciniLucia Simoncini
11:44 07 Jul 22
Exactly what I needed! My business does not receive enough calls to justify a call center or even just a person who is always dedicated to answering the phone, but with MrCall I solved my problem. I answer whenever I can, when I can't, MrCall takes care of it; unfortunately many do not leave the message and therefore I cannot know the problem and its urgency in advance, but I can call them back or contact them by whatsapp as soon as possible.Simply fantastic!
14:50 06 Jul 22
Indispensable! This service has solved 99% of customer phone call management problems in just a few days. We have a small e-commerce business and we needed to give initial feedback to phone calls received when unable to answer. The personalization of the message and the automatic synchronization with the opening / closing times and days through your google account IS PRICELESS !!!! I am a medium level computerized user and yet in 10 minutes the system is operational and calibrated to your needs !!!! Highly recommended!
19:55 03 Jun 22
It changed the quality of my working life! When the staff has finished work and I am alone in the studio and I want to concentrate without the continuous interruption of the phone, thanks to MrCall the customer who has an urgent need, who wants information, leaves his message which is immediately transcribed and sent to my email. This allows me to choose whether to answer immediately or postpone the answer without ever forgetting the call.

Are you a software house and want to integrate the digital assistant into your services?

Do you offer a reservation service for hairdressers and restaurants? Do you install VOIP phone services?

Use the same technology that powers MrCall to create virtual assistants to connect to your services.

Contact us and we will find the best solution together.

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