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How to ask an AI model. Please?

March 2, 2024
“Prompt engineering,” or the art of asking the right question in the right way, is somewhat like being a manager and asking your subordinates to work. For example, if you’re working with a Generative Artificial Intelligence model and you want it to write a cover letter for a job, you don’t just tell it to […]


AI and Us

December 30, 2023
Have you ever noticed how quickly our world has changed with technology? One day we were talking with Nokia phones, the next everyone was posting on Instagram and the like. And the next big change might just be AI, or Artificial Intelligence. The question is: should we be happy that AI is entering our lives, […]

From Fire to Generative Artificial Intelligence

December 13, 2023
From the time our ancestors discovered fire to today’s solar and nuclear power plants, we have witnessed energy revolutions that have fueled human progress. But that’s not all: there have also been information revolutions – from the birth of language to writing, from printing to telephony, and, of course, the internet. Now here we are, […]

Artificial Intelligence and the Interface

November 8, 2023
As (almost) everyone knows, the first artificial intelligence program was created by Herbert Simon in the 1950s, who won the Nobel Prize for… economics about twenty years later! In his book “The Sciences of the Artificial,” Simon writes: An artifact [the artificial] can be thought of as a meeting point—an “interface” in today’s terms— between […]

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence—Our Vision

June 4, 2023
The fascinating world of data analysis has progressed leaps and bounds, with every bit of the digital sphere becoming a potential goldmine of insights. In politics, it has re-written the rules of engagement and redrawing the battle lines in many instances. Two prominent examples, Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, exemplify the profound implications […]

MrCall—The Many Features of an AI Answering System

April 19, 2023
We built MrCall as a truly innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Answering System. And for us, an intelligent system must learn alone, this is why the service works immediately, without the need for complicated configurations. MrCall is smart enough to go to the internet and learn about your business. Nonetheless, if you want to personalise the […]

The long, hot summer of MrCall

April 3, 2023
A new user of ours told us on the first phone call: “But where were you? I’ve been looking for you for years…” Those are heart-warming statements, 🙂 For seaside resorts and water parks, summer is a time of business, but a source of stress: many centres easily exceed 50 calls a day, often reaching […]

MrCall goes to the Gym

March 3, 2023
At MrCall, we’re not just here to sip cold brew coffee (although that is a perk of the job). We’re problem solvers, and we’ll chat with you over coffee to make sure our solution fits your needs. Just ask Alessio Rinelli, owner of Reverbia Personal Trainer Milan.. Reverbia is a growing business with six centers […]

MrCall loves restaurants

February 3, 2023
Ah, restaurants! They may only account for a mere 10% of our MrCall users, but they’re a vital sector to us nonetheless. After all, without them, where would we stuff our mouth with delicious food? Our close collaborator, the Carbonara reservation system, can attest to our dedication to the HoReCa sector. And as if that […]

MrCall and VoIP Switchboards

January 5, 2023
Many companies contact us because they want to use a VoIP PBX, and they are right! At the moment MrCall does not offer VoIP PBXs, but it can be integrated without problems with third-party PBXs. If you are a company with more than 2-3 people, or even if you are alone, our advice is not […]

Brain and Memory

November 11, 2022
Networks and Memory When we need to remember something, we create links between the various parts of what we need to memorize. It’s as if we’re building a network, and each part of what we need to remember is a piece of this network. There are two networks that we use every day to remember […]

Natural and Artificial Neural Networks

October 11, 2022
The first neural network: the brain We know relatively little about how our brain works, but we know exactly how artificial neural networks work, i.e. the software behind various products based on Artificial Intelligence, such as MrCall. We can then compare simple biological “brains” to an artificial neural networks. The simplest brain: Elegans At the […]


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