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MrCall and VoIP Switchboards

Many companies contact us because they want to use a VoIP PBX, and they are right! At the moment MrCall does not offer VoIP PBXs, but it can be integrated without problems with third-party PBXs.

If you are a company with more than 2-3 people, or even if you are alone, our advice is not to use your mobile phone for work, but to activate one of the many cloud switchboards available, for example 3CX.

With a switchboard at your disposal, plus MrCall, here’s what you can do:

  1. Give your employees a VoIP app. 3CX has their own, while with others you can use Zoiper, which is free.
  2. With the VoIP app, your employees receive calls on an extension of your line, and not on their personal phone number
  3. MrCall can however act as a “first line assistant”: it always answers, asks the reason for the call and records all the information in a file like this. This way you keep track of who is calling and why
  4. After taking the information, MrCall routes the call as you want. That is
    • if you like, it will not forward to anyone during certain hours (i.e. closing hours) but instead just interact and say goodbye
    • send back to the PBX which will try to probe the availability of the various operators in cascade
  5. MrCall can also simply answer only when no one answers, i.e. act as an emergency assistant who takes charge of the call and then sends notifications with the transcript to whoever you want
  6. In addition, MrCall can send the call data to any system that provides APIs (if you have a CRM: for example all calls can create a deal on Pipedrive)
  7. Dulcis in fundo, you can send personalised messages to those who call you via SMS or Whatsapp

PS We’ll let you in on a secret: MrCall is also a PBX. If you call your assistant’s number, the call goes to one of our switchboards (heavily customised with the help of our partner Centralix) which transforms the call, a 120-year-old technology, into an IP audio stream, where IP stands for Internet Protocol, a technology born 50 years ago but, we can say, still quite in vogue šŸ™‚