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The long, hot summer of MrCall

A new user of ours told us on the first phone call: “But where were you? I’ve been looking for you for years…”

Those are heart-warming statements, šŸ™‚

For seaside resorts and water parks, summer is a time of business, but a source of stress: many centres easily exceed 50 calls a day, often reaching 100. The telephone in practice becomes the victim of its own success: the operators of the centre either work or answer the phone. But the conundrum is: if you don’t answer the phone you risk alienating potential customers, and if you answer and don’t work, you alienate actual customers.

The solution is in human psychology. As people in the sector say: often people call to ask the most senseless questions, and to answer 90% of the calls a responder with a pre-recorded message would be enough. But the remaining 10%? Do we want to throw the baby with the bathwater?

No, and that is why many centres use MrCall!

Here’s how summer camps using MrCall set up their assistant:

  1. The calls are all immediately forwarded to MrCall, who welcomes you with a fairly long message, explaining the center’s rules as much as possible, and announcing that a Whatsapp message has been sent to the caller with further explanations and links for various bookings
  2. MrCall notifies the center only when the caller has said something to MrCall. Given the length of the greeting message, typically we are talking about 10% of callers. And the good news is that MrCall only counts calls with messages for the subscription!
  3. MrCall then sends a Whatsapp message to the caller, different depending on whether or not the caller has interacted with him/her (the service costs ā‚¬4.88 per month with an unlimited number of messages)

That’s all. Of the approximately 1,000 calls a month, only about a hundred pass the filter and are processed by the centre’s administrationā€”an average of 3 a month, in short, more than acceptable.